Visitation Coach – JOB CLOSED

Asheville, NC

The SPARC Foundation contracts with the Department of Social Services in order to support Social Workers in their important work with families. We are seeking a Visitation Coach who observes visits between biological parents and their children when the court has ordered supervised visits. These coaches ensure the safety of the children during the visits, can offer parenting tips when requested, and document the activities in the visit so that Social Workers are informed.

Specifically, Visitation Coaches:

• Model Positive Parenting skills such as setting boundaries, redirection, de-escalating conflict, sibling rivalry.

• Help the parent prepare for visits and to say goodbye at the end of visits; help the parent and the child with separation and loss issues.

• Recognize and reinforce safety/risk issues that impact the child- domestic violence, mental health, substance abuse, appropriate caregivers, healthy environment, supervision, anger management, etc.

• Assure that any unsafe behaviors by the parent or child will be immediately addressed and redirected; the Visitation Coach shall elicit feedback from the child or parent regarding alternative methods of discipline.

• Help provide structure around the visitation and give parent increased responsibility to identify and demonstrate desired behaviors for safety as visitations progress.

• Provide monthly activity report that tracks total number of clients served in the month.

This is a Monday-Friday job during working hours, with visits occurring back to back.

Qualifications of the position:

  • Bachelor’s degree; or 3 years experience working with children and families
  • Experience with teaching parenting skills
  • Experience working with children in a school or community setting
  • Ability to sit for long hours and remain engaged
  • Knowledge of Child Protective Services
  • Ability to build rapport quickly with parents and children

Please be aware that the SPARC Foundation is a small non-profit, therefore, there are no health benefits included at this time. But our mission is solid and we are seeking individuals who want to serve the community.

Job Type: Full-time

For more information or questions please contact or call 1-828-785-4100 ext. 110